From the very beginning of TiC, we are dedicating ourselves to provide our candidates with a comprehensive job service. But the more candidates we served, the more times we are asked: is the ESL teaching the only job I can do in China?

No, absolutely not. ESL teaching is the majority. But, regardless the sales and other jobs, we have many vacancies teaching different subjects. Math, science, PE, art and music, many different courses are taught in English in Chinese international schools; while more specified courses like economics, biology, chemistry and physics taught in the universities are also provided in English.

China is unique; looks like US in terms of modernization, but deeply different. Thousands of foreigners have already moved here, some decided to stay in China forever; while more and more are on the way. Expating in China will be an adventure for you!

TiC, your Ticket into China, is always with you all the way to different schools. For new arrivals, we help you to find a job in China. For experienced teachers, we upgrade you with a better career.




1.   Application: send us an application through our AI system.
2.   TiC Interview: audio interview with TiC consultant provides us an opportunity to know each other and for us to help you better.
3.   Resume and Intro-video: a good CV and a perfect video help a lot to approach a better salary. Instructions are available upon request.
4.   School Interview: we will arrange you the school interviews according to their requirements.
5.   Contract Making: let’s talk to the school together for a better compensation.
6.   After-contract Service: TiC will be with you all the way until you pass your probation. More services will be followed up after you sign the contract.




Plan ahead:
start your application 3~4months before the start of a new semester
Get your teaching certificate in advance:
it is suggested but not necessary to have the 120-hour TEFL certificate before you start your job application
Bring the document preparation forward:
documents collection is time consuming; initiate the process as early as possible