International trade consists of ‘export trade’ and ‘import trade’. A product that is sold to the global market is called an export, and a product that is bought from the global market is an import.
Encouraging international trade is one of the most important strategies of China’s reform and opening-up policy. Over the past four decades, China has experienced many ups and downs. But the increase of international trade had never been stopped, especially the export trade.
The amount of products exporting from China is huge. Chinese products had been delivered to every corner of the world. However, more efforts shall be placed on the export trade when China’s reform and opening-up is deepened. Markets like Africa, East Europe and South America can be developed further.
In order to export more products to those markets, many Chinese companies are calling for new sales people!
If you are an international student in China, you have a significant advantage on the languages, your mother tongue and Chinese. You are quite close to be a salesperson. All you need more is some work experience.
TiC, your Ticket into China, can help you with internships during your schooling and bridge you a pathway from academic studies to sales positions.